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Frequently asked questions about Eldercare Planners

What is Eldercare Planners of Canada?

As a brand new industry in Canada, there are only a few of us throughout the Nation. This association was brought together to connect, unite and develop the Eldercare Planning industry. Additionally, families are also easily connected from province to province and can experience similar service and expertise from our entire network.

How does this site work?

The Eldercare Planning site is a jump off point where you can find the advisor in your area, learn a little more about them and connect with them directly. 

Is there a fee for using the services?

There may be. However, each province works differently, Message an Advisor in your area to speak about their packages and services directly.

Why should I work with an Eldercare Planner?

Great question! Many families have never had to look into services in the Eldercare Industry, which many find extremely stressful and overwhelming. 

Much the same as any other industry, Eldercare Planners are specialists available to make your journey easier and less time consuming, not to mention less stressful. Eldercare Planners understand the seniors industry and are able to direct you from start to finish. 


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