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Lianas Senior Transition Support

“I don’t know where to start. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t have the time or the resources. I just want what’s best for mom or dad…”

These worried words are all too common when it comes time to address a loved one’s transition. We’ve all seen close friends and family members go through it—the insecurity, the vulnerability, the frustration of resolving such difficult questions at such an emotionally charged time.

Lianas came about as a response to my own experiences of seeing those I care about struggling. My 25 years in senior corporate management had provided me with a powerful grasp of the service industry. I combined my empathy with these credentials (along with extensive research of the Canadian senior transition marketplace) to develop Lianas Inc.

Lianas takes a practical approach to senior transitioning. It finds highly customized solutions for residence search, downsizing, moving, realtor support, home care and more. It uses every tool at its disposal to get what’s best for you or a loved one and bear the brunt of the burden.


What Do We Offer

Every journey is different. We'd like to make sure that we can provide you with the right services you need.

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"It is a dynamic network of like minded individuals and companies dedicated to providing support for families and their loved ones through the aging process and navigating their life transitions. Our mutual goal of sharing best industry practices benefits all of us including our clients that are experiencing the difficulties of supporting their loved ones during challenging times."
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Serving Montreal QC and area
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Lianas Senior Transition Support